David Project

The David Project

Ezra USA, COJECO and The David Project are happy to present!

Boston, MA

Join talented college students from across North America for one of The David Project’s nationally recognized three and a half day Israel education and leadership seminars. The David Project’s approach enables students to understand the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict by promoting critical thinking, historical accuracy, moral decision-making and activism. Seminar participants form a strong network of informed campus leaders who can confidently and courageously stand up to the ideological assault against Israel.

You love Israel, but you never know how to respond to accusations against it?
You know History, but you don't know how to use your knowledge?
You don't know if the media is objective?
You want to improve the image of Israel on your campus?
Then this advocacy seminar is for you!

Campus Fellows Seminar

Communicate clearly about historic and developing events in the Middle East
Think critically about issues presented in the media
Develop effective debating techniques
Gain the confidence and skills to lead grassroots campus efforts
Network with other Russian-speaking students

Eligibility: incoming college freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students ages 18-26.

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