Aviv School of Jewish Leadership and Education

Leadership Training Program.

Aviv is a highly selective and competetive program designed specifically for the young leaders of the Russian Jewish community. The program will enable the participants to enhance their leadership skills, develop a deeper knowledge of Judaism, Jewish history and tradition as well as provide multiple opportunities to apply newly developed skills and knowledge at Ezra USA trips, programs and events.

43In addition to providing lectures and workshops on multitude of Jewish, leadership and community themes, this program qualifies its participants as leaders of Jewish youth, gives a chance to learn, bring together and lead groups, design and organize a variety of activities. The program also prepares the Madrichs for a trip to Israel via Ezra Taglit and also for group trips to Argentina, China, Europe and other countries.
An important part of the AVIV’s curriculum is entirely devoted to the Holocaust studies.

The program consists of 3 major components:


Participants must attend 18 weekly training sessions. Each session will concentrate on various components of Jewish leadership such as: what makes a leader, how the group formed and how it functions, the behavior of a leader in a group, the history of Jewish nation, anti-Semitism, Jewish self-consciousness and identity, basic laws of Judaism, Holocaust, and modern Israel.

In addition, various modern Jewish leaders and educators will be invited as guest speakers to address Aviv participants.

2. Practice

Participants will have opportunities to apply various leadership and organizational skills that they've learned during the sessions by organizing 2 events of their choice. The events will be organized either by the whole class or by small groups. During the process, Ezra USA staff and Madrichim will provide assistance and guidance.

3. Poland - Israel Seminar

The final part of the course is a group to Poland and Israel. In Poland, participants will learn about the Jewish life in Europe prior to WWII and then they’ll visit concentration camps as they learn about the destruction of the European Jewry. Once in Israel, the group will learn about the revival of the Jewish nation in the land of Israel. In addition, participants will take part in an intensive leadership seminar with an emphasis on the aspects of Jewish informal education.

At the end of the course, every participant receives a certificate of youth movement Ezra USA, about completing the school of leadership and with it receives the title of a "Madrich" and an official right to work with groups in the USA and beyond its borders.
The certificate of leadership school Ezra USA is accepted well beyond North America and various Jewish organizations and also serves as proof of presence of Jewish roots during job interviews, which is successfully used my many madrichs of Ezra USA.

In addition, Madrichim will have an opportunity to attend the "Atid" Program. Atid is a week long seminar held in Israel for Ezra Madrichim from the US, Russia, Ukraine, Belarussia and Germany. During the program, Madrichim will take part in high profile meetings with Israeli politicians and Army commanders and get first hand knowledge about political, economic and military situation in Israel.



Enrollment and Interviewing Procedures:

1. We will contact you to setup a personal interview. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you better on a more personal level, to find out about your interests, ideas, etc.
2. Those who successfully complete interview, must attend a group interview.
During this meetings, you will meet the rest of the applicants and will be given an opportunity to show and present your talents, your ability to interact with others, your leadership and communication skills in the group setting.
3. Classes will be held once a week, on Sunday evenings in Brooklyn, NY.
Classes are taught by professional Madrichim and include challenging tests and workshops, as well as numerous fun activities. Number of people per class is limited, to give individual attention to each student and to provide a more quality experience for the group as a whole.
We will contact you to schedule the interview with you. For any additional information please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 718-701-1527.
Good luck!

*The training will be conducted in Russian.

All the Holocaust programs and studies as part of the "Aviv School of Jewish Leadership and Education" was made possible by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc. The grant funds came from reclaimed assets of German Jews who perished in the Holocaust and are now used to support programs that preserve the memory of the Jewish victims and educate future generations about the Shoah (Holocaust)