Ezra Jewneration program 2014

Application for Jewneration - Spring 2014
Program details:

This program is currently for residents of NY area.
10 weekly sessions and 2 weekend retreats
Classes start March 23th. 2PM - 5PM (and every Sunday thereafter).
Location: 723 Ave Z Brooklyn, NY

Participants of Ezra JEWneration program meet for a total of 10 sessions during the semester. There will also be 2 Shabbatons (weekend retreats). The sessions will feature:

A lecture or interactive program exploring major Jewish ideas and core Jewish texts
Learning about Israel and Jewish leadership
Learning about the history of the Holocaust

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible for a trip to Israel and Poland.

Fee for the trip: $600
Trip date: end of June
In Poland:
Participants will learn about the Jewish life in Poland prior to WWII and then they'll visit concentration camps as they learn about the destruction of the European Jewry.
In Israel:
We will be bonding with the land through various experiences, exploring the beautiful sights and geographical hot-spots of our ancient homeland. Every morning we will connect intellectually and spiritually to our rich, Jewish heritage through lectures, talks and discussions. You will also learn about Holocaust, visit Yad VaShem (the World's Largest Museum of Holocaust), and develop your leadership skills.
Spots are limited! Registration is now open for the Spring semester program!


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