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General program information

The Betar Wingate Program: An Exciting Combination of Individual and Group Experiences.

Each participant will go through a high caliber academic course to become a qualified gym instructor, complete with worldwide-recognized certification. And as part of the curriculum, participants can choose to take sport-centric classes.

During the five month-long program, we also offer a very unique taste of Israel through the lens of an unforgettable sports and fitness experience.

Please note: the examples below are sample courses. Actual courses offered may vary. Please contact Betar Wingate to confirm class availability.

Courses and Diplomas


The Basic courses:

Personal trainer & Gym Instruction

What is it?

The course prepares physical fitness and gym instructors to train a verity of populations. The program provides a basis for understanding body movement and physical fitness components, and provides instructional skills for the gym.

The program is professional both in the academic aspect with a total of 285 academic hours, and in the training aspect, providing high quality facilities and training program.

What do you learn?

Anatomy, physiology, nutrition, training theory, sports injuries and physical fitness. In addition, participants take courses that include:

  • Introduction to the gym
  • Introduction to human movement
  • Structured exercise
  • Training youngsters in the gym
  • Planning and implementing training programs in the gym and first aid

Course language

This is a group course taught in English.

What do you need to register?

Medical clearance certifying that you are in good health and can engage in physical activity.

Sample Diploma/Certification:

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Sports and Fitness Clubs Management


Learn management techniques for those seeking a career in the sports management industry: sports/recreation centers, country clubs, health clubs, studios, and other business fitness training centers.

Curricula focuses on trends in the fitness industry, including: tools for success in results and financial management, performance measurement, culture, leadership, recruiting, marketing, sales, customer relations, customer service, and more.

Lecturer: Ran Tamari, Owner and Founder of Success Fitness Business and Marketing Consultants.

Course language: This is a group course taught in English.

Pick and Choose: A Range of Sample Courses

During the program, participants will have the freedom to choose from various elective courses held at the Wingate Academic College and attended by Israeli students. While instructors speak in Hebrew, the physical practice and internal interaction is the main part of study and experience.

Students can choose which courses they want to learn, from a variety of courses that will be available at the college.

Please note: the examples below are sample courses. Actual courses offered may vary. Please contact Betar Wingate to confirm class availability.

Yoga: Getting the Most Out of Your Body

What is it?

  • Practicing correct posture, improving flexibility and strengthening muscles
  • Coordination and balance with an emphasis on breathing and awareness Learning internal empowerment and harnessing it to improve physical, concentration and stress reduction
  • Practicing yoga positions
  • Mastery of warming and relaxing techniques and utilizing them for teaching in kindergartens and schools

What do you learn?

  • Asanas (yoga body positions) for improving abdominal muscle strength, balance, and flexibility in back and thigh muscles
  • Breathing exercises, guided imagery, practice in pairs, twisting, reverse positions, and more


Pilates: Achieving Balance, Strength and Posture

What is it?

A deep, physical practice that helps to achieve alignment, balance, stamina and more.

What do you learn?

A variety of exercises designed to develop the respiratory system and help to create a core strength with better movement and flow.

What can you do with it?

Train the body so that you can perform daily tasks with a minimum of effort and without physical injury.

Jazz: From Roots in Contemporary Dancing

What is it?

The fundamentals of different types of jazz dancing — from Afro to contemporary.

What do you learn?

Techniques in a range of styles that link music to movement.

Ballroom Dancing: Learn the Dances of Athletes

What is it?

A high impact activity, ballroom dance will someday soon become acknowledged as an Olympic sport. Full of movement and joie de vivre, it endows students with many social skills.

What do you learn?

  • Interpersonal communication in dance
  • Proper and healthful posture
  • The ability to identify different types of dance music

Classical dances include:

  • Tango
  • Waltz
  • Foxtrot

South American include:

  • Rumba
  • Cha-cha
  • Samba
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • Mambo and more

What can you do with it?

Turn your love of movement and music into a new skill set.

Challenge & Nautical Sports: Extreme as a Way of Life

What is it?

Become familiar with many options for leisure time and water recreation, including:

  • Sailing skills
  • Controlling various vessels
  • Developing skills
  • Becoming familiar with the sea environment

What can you do with it?

Take yourself to a new level with this adrenaline-charged practice.

Beach Volleyball: Learn the Game Like a Pro

What is it?

Learn the game of volleyball with an emphasis on advantages in recreation, school, the community and competitive sports.

What do you learn?

  • Basic skills
  • Methods of teaching the game in school
  • Safety
  • Regulations
  • How to referee

What can you do with it?

Turn the beach environment into a venue for a challenging, energetic and team bonding game.

Teaching Krav Maga/Martial Arts: Defend Yourself

What is it?

Street fighting based on a range of principles:

  • How to avoid getting hurt
  • Do what you can but do it right
  • Use your knowledge as needed
  • The simplest way is the shortest and fastest way

What do you learn?

  • Strokes and kicks
  • Defense against strokes and kicks
  • Release from various holds
  • Blocking and rolling
  • Defense against knives and sticks (a yearlong course)

What can you do with it?

  • Practice the fundamentals of self-defense
  • Acquire self-confidence
  • Develop skills that may save your life in times of danger

Water Aerobics: Work Out in Water for Better Life on Land

What is it?

Experience the advantages of working out in the water, including water calisthenics — a challenging and effective physical activity. It also helps to improve each physical fitness component in an enjoyable and safe way.

What do you learn?

How to improve your physical fitness through water activities as well as adapting theoretical and practical lessons to different age groups and levels of physical fitness.

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