Meeting With Avigdor Lieberman

l2l2On February 7th, 2012 EZRA USA was proud to host the historic meeting between Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of the Israel Beytenu party, with the Russian speaking Jewish community of New York. The meeting took place at the EZRA USA and American Forum of Russian Jewry Youth Center. Present were many other prominent members of the Russian Jewish Community: Faina Kirschenbaum member of the Knesset for Israel Beytenu Arik Nudelman Chairman of the Council of Ramat-Gan City, Ronnie Vinnikov the Emissary for Jewish Agency For Israel in New York , Dr. Igor Branovan President of American Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry/RAJI , Dmitry Shiglik and several others. Amongst the speakers, was also our very own Madrich Gennadiy Shnaydeman. Over 300 members of the Russian Jewish Community showed up to listen to Mr. Lieberman speak about the current events taking place in Israel, including members of the Holocaust Association and of the American Association of Veterans of World War II. There were cameras, news crews, and lots of security surrounding the EZRA USA building. At the end of the meeting Danny Elinson the President of EZRA and David Roitman the Executive Director along with the Madrichim, presented Mr. Lieberman with a Madrich T-shirt, welcoming him into the EZRA USA family.