Ezra USA Past Events


Ezra Summer 2013 Mega EVENT (By Julia Shteyman)

l2l2 On September 7th 2013, at OPM Lounge at 3202 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, EZRA USA held its annual Summer Taglit Reunion for all of their 2013 Summer groups. This summer there were 12 EZRA USA birthright groups that embarked on a journey to Israel. On this night these 400 participants united and reunited under one roof. The place was filled with old and new participants and EZRA USA madrichim. There was music, drinks, and fun conversations. Manashe Khaimov, our very own madrich, led the event as the host of the night.



PINK Shabbat Dinner @Ezra USA by Luda Dekhovich

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Breast Cancer has been identified as a gene mutation of the BRCA1 and BRA2 genes. Women who have mutations in these genes are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancers. According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 12.3% of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point during their lifetime. Currently, there are approximately 2.8 million women living with breast cancer in the United States. This is a disease that affects women of all nationalities, and a major part of them are Jewish.
Jewish organizations all over the nation are taking part in recognizing the severity of the disease by hosting Shabbat dinners with the Pink theme. EZRA USA hosted a Pink Shabbat dinner on October 25, at the NY Beach Haven Jewish Center. To say it was an inspiring dinner would be an understatement. The energy of the EZRA community was ever-present, as the participants embraced the warm words of Rabbi Winner and his wife Leah. For the first time, participants of the new AVIV class were sharing a Shabbat dinner table with older madrichim. The organizers of the Shabbat dinner, Shulamit and Lital, stressed the significance of Breast Cancer Awareness to everyone and made sure everyone went home with some Pink that night.


Friday Night Dinner

On February 8th, 2013, EZRA USA's monthly Friday Night Dinner took place. EZRA USA alumni and participants braved the falling snow, sleet, and cold weather to come out. There was a good turn out regardless of the weather. The dinner took place at 723 Ave Z at 8:00 PM. There were refreshing and delicious salads, among other foods, wine, yummy dessert and great company. Though it was cold outside, it was cozy and warm inside. Rabbi Winner and his wife joined in for the festivities, providing all who were there with an interesting story and a discussion that followed. The dinner lasted well into the night.


Poland-Israel Trip by Anna Shcherb

l2l2 As we looked at the ashes of the victims of the Holocaust in the Majdanek concentration camp, the words of Rabbi Avi Noam echoed throughout the memorial, the camp, and especially our hearts. He began his speech by telling us what he would tell the men, women, and children, our family, who died because of hatred. “You did not die for no reason. We are here today because of you. We will carry your memory within us and always vow to never let this happen again.” Never again. Never again. Never again.

       The trip to Poland and Israel is one that is unforgettable, exceptional, and necessary. It shows you the hatred that once occurred and what could happen if it escalates.l2l2 It teaches you the history of our family and the courage that many had to protect and practice our religion. It tugs at your emotions and allows you to see what has transpired because of these brave men, women, and children.You walk the streets of Poland as an example of what prevailed and then fly to your second home and embrace it by dancing, laughing, and exploring. The trip to Poland and Israel was one where I met amazing friends, shed many tears, and made everlasting memories. It is one that I suggest everyone takes.


Veterans Project 2013

l2l2 This year Ezra USA will have its 5th Annual Veterans Appreciation Project and it will take place on May 5, 2013. Many members of Ezra USA will gather and we will honor Russian-Jewish veterans for the sacrifices and contributions, which they had made in fighting against the Nazi regime during World War II. During the Veteran Appreciation Project, members of Ezra USA will visit Russian-Jewish veterans living in Brooklyn to personally thank them for their noble service during WWII. Veterans will receive honorary gifts prepared by members of the organization, including certificates, which will acknowledge their courage and selflessness as soldiers during World War II. Prior to delivering the packages a week or two before we will gather together to prepare each individual gift and also to call each veteran to make sure that they will be home on the day of deliveries since we do not want to miss anyone. While delivering the gifts not only do we honor the veterans by them receiving something from us but they give us the honor of listening to their stories and looking through their pictures. They are so happy to see us and appreciate everything that we do for them and are very grateful that we remember and respect them. This project of one of the most rewarding projects that I have ever had a chance to take part of!


Mega Reunion 12-13

l2l2 Ezra Mega Reunion is a traditional event hosted twice a year by Ezra USA after all the groups come back from their amazing trip to Israel. This event gathers together current season participants as well as alumnu of other Ezra trips. This years Winter Mega Reunion wasn't an exception. It gathered together more than 200 people. The theme was a Red Carpet Event ( Academy Award style) as well as a celebration of the Purim holiday. Some guests were wearing costumes and masks as a Purim tradition. Awards were given to selected participants of Winter trips for their outstanding talents.


Meeting With Avigdor Lieberman

l2l2On February 7th, 2012 EZRA USA was proud to host the historic meeting between Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of the Israel Beytenu party, with the Russian speaking Jewish community of New York. The meeting took place at the EZRA USA and American Forum of Russian Jewry Youth Center. Present were many other prominent members of the Russian Jewish Community: Faina Kirschenbaum member of the Knesset for Israel Beytenu Arik Nudelman Chairman of the Council of Ramat-Gan City, Ronnie Vinnikov the Emissary for Jewish Agency For Israel in New York , Dr. Igor Branovan President of American Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry/RAJI , Dmitry Shiglik and several others. Amongst the speakers, was also our very own Madrich Gennadiy Shnaydeman. Over 300 members of the Russian Jewish Community showed up to listen to Mr. Lieberman speak about the current events taking place in Israel, including members of the Holocaust Association and of the American Association of Veterans of World War II. There were cameras, news crews, and lots of security surrounding the EZRA USA building. At the end of the meeting Danny Elinson the President of EZRA and David Roitman the Executive Director along with the Madrichim, presented Mr. Lieberman with a Madrich T-shirt, welcoming him into the EZRA USA family.